Get Started

I. Acquiring our Services:

Before any interaction blossoms into a relationship, it is very important that trust issues are addressed at the start. Thus, any concerns on authenticity, competence and capability are covered right away. That said, the process of acquiring our services is not complicated.



E-mail us a Letter of Intent that should indicate the following:
  1. Interest in acquiring our services
  2. An overview of your company
  3. An overview of your business/operations
  4. Contact details

Please address the e-mail to:
   Richard Joseph F. Sare
   Benchmark Global Management Solutions
   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Once we have received your e-mail, we will transmit to you a Request For Information (RFI) sheet. The information you will provide on the RFI will give us an idea on how to approach this potential arrangement with your company.

Request for Information Sheet



    After we have reviewed your RFI, we will transmit a request for a teleconference as a way of formal introduction and to discuss this potential venture in detail. The teleconference will address the following:
    1. Scope of Operations

    2. Requirements of Operations:
      • Manpower/skills
      • I.T.
      • Infrastructure
      • Work Schedules
      • Work Flow
      • Compliances, if any
      • Reports to be generated

    3. Time-Table:
      • Pre-Operation activities
      • Recruitment process
      • Training Schedule
      • Commissioning of all equipment and facilities
      • Payment Schedules
      • Day 1 of Operations