The Partners

Overnight Transcription Services, LLC.

Overnight Transcription Services (OTS) is a company based in Mission Viejo, California, USA and signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Benchmark Global Management in 2013 to be its marketing and business development partner in the West Coast. OTS has secured projects for Benchmark in the field of legal transcription, data entry and form processing.


Medcore Technologies Incorporated.

Medcore Technologies is based in Frisco, Texas, USA and has been in the business of providing CRM solutions to companies involved in BPO and the medical and legal industries since 2003. Its innovative software, V-Script, has been popularly utilized by corporations, hospitals and law firms to manage the files and records of their clients and patients.  Med Core is spearheaded by its CEO, Jason Rogers and Amy Newton, Vice-President and Security and Privacy Officer. In 2013, Medcore entered into a contract with Benchmark to provide its system in managing the CRM of its accounts for BPO and the fields of medical and legal transcription.


Brent Pickett
, COO of Sweeney Technologies; Birmingham, Alabama. +1 (205)586-1617

Sweeney Technologies is a website design company based in Birmingham, Alabama with offices in India, Pakistan, Russia and Japan. Outside his obligations to Sweeney, Brent has agreed to oversee the development of Benchmark's market in the state of Alabama through the procurement of key companies interested in outsourcing their operations to Manila.



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