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Benchmark Global Management Solutions is a provider of outsourcing services to companies worldwide. We are located in the Philippines which has become the premiere destination for outsourcing since 2011. We have experience in managing accounts from a diversified range of industries covering a wide array of services from telemarketing, chat and website moderations, inbound customer service, bilingual e-mail and customer support, after-sales programs, transcription, data entry/management and back office operations among others.

Our standard set up includes:

-          Workstations

-          Computers

-          Primary Dedicated Internet line

-          Secondary Dedicated Internet line

-          Dedicated servers

-          24/7 generator

However, we understand that your operations may have specific and/or additional requirements for agents, I.T and infrastructure. The RFI is designed to procure vital pieces of information to allow us to develop a business plan that will effectively meet your company’s needs.



All information in this RFI is strictly confidential and only for the knowledge of the recipient. No information included in this document or in discussions connected to it may be disclosed to any third party.


Introduction and Purpose of the RFI

The Request for Information (RFI) is used to gather information pertinent to the successful management of your account. This is standard procedure that is required on all prospective clients. The format and its contents are standard but we encourage the client to provide information otherwise not covered to further ensure the integrity of service.



  1. 1.Please read questions and required information carefully.
  2. 2.Please answer the questions in standard Excel format.
  3. 3.Once accomplished, kindly e-mail the RFI to:

Richard Joseph F. Sare


Benchmark Global Management Solutions

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. 4.Officers from Operations, Human Resources and IT shall evaluate your answers.
  2. 5.The officers will discuss the RFI and revert to you within five (5) business days from receipt of information.
  3. 6.The company shall advise you if there will be any delay.


Time-Frame :

Date RFI is sent out:                                                                      

Date RFI is received:                                                                      

Expected date of response to RFI :